August 21, 2017

After the Eclipse.

Kitties, I got through the eclipse very well.  I wish my mom had been in here with me though.  I'll show you what *I* had to contend with while she was lallygagging out there in the heat and suns.  She was watching the entire town turn dark with night.  The street lights came on, and the night time insects were singing.  Our totality here where I live and meow was just half a minute,  so it was fast-- but so thrilling mom said.  It was so odd having nighttime at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Here's what I had to see. and no mommy to make me feel better.   Finally she came in.

totality on another favorite brother's DSLR viewfinder. Taken with DIL's iPhone straight off the viewfinder. 

right after totality

It's dark and Mom is supposed to be here.  

at least she left the light on for me. It's 2:25 in the afternoon in all of these.
After it was over...I took my easy.

August 20, 2017

Sunny (partly) Sunday

Kitties!  I hope we can continue to have the suns tomorrow with no clouds because we are in the zone for a total eclipse.  We sure will have the hots though!!! Mom said that an eclipse is exciting and that it was my once in a lifetime opportunity.  Our town only has a window of 26 seconds or so for totality.  That works for mom, and as for me---I will take her word for it.

After she got home from visiting my other favorite brother,  I showed her for these past four nights how I missed her.  I stayed mashed up into her face...fur on skin; and she complained about tickling, too hot and a lot less sleep. I decided I had enough complaints so I slept beside her instead last night.  The ingrate said "thank goodness"!

Mom has been out spending money again today.  She bought another new top.  That's two.  I sure am glad my beautiful furs never have to be changed!  And two pairs of pants.  Yoga pants which she loves and a pair of jeans.  She loves L.e.v.i brand and these were on sale.  That did it for her.

I hope it's a good easy day for all you furriends.  It is for me.  I am ready for some lap time.  I've been combed already. Maybe some Zoomy groomy next.  Or better still...THIS!


August 17, 2017

MOM! Her Cheated!

Tell you what Kitties!  She went to Joey's one year old birthday pawty while she was over the mountains!  And gave him things AND loved on him too!  She never told me but I looked on her phone and saw the evidence!  See him living it up with the birthday gift bag?  That could have been MY bag but went for HIM.  And two premium mice too.

THEN, as if that weren't bad enough, she flirted with this giant bunny today!  She went to see James,  otherwise known as the grandbaby...learn beginning gymnastics.  That bunny was THERE kitties, and she went all gaga over it.  PETTED it!  Sheesh.

What am I?  Chopped liver?

August 14, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties!!  And Woofies !!

Several Tuxies have reported that they too bring their babies in to their parents at night.  Some were wondering if it was a Tuxie thing.  I wonder too.  I know Angel of Beaded Tail brings toys to her mom...all the way up stairs I think.   She isn't a Tuxie.

Well, last night I was beside myself that mommy was home.  After we went to bed and I walked all over her 50 times,  we turned out the lights.  Within one minute, I came into the bedroom (turned out to be Donkey as it always is first) LOUDLY and repeatedly announcing that he was there!  Then, I left the bedroom and returned rather quickly and LOUDLY announced the second baby.  This went on for four announcements before I crawled on into bed and became a bowling ball at her waist. Each time she fell asleep which only took seconds as she was so so tired and sleepy, I came in with another baby and an announcement to wake her up.  She weakly said "thank you" and passed out again.

She had a long three nights with little sleep while away and the last night while still here.  No telling what will happen tonight meaning how many babies.  Favorite brovver is here so I may not carry as many.

All my feetie prints are visible too this meowning when I got her up.  The carpet holds them.

August 13, 2017

Mom's Home and Brought Presents

Mom got home and she has been whirling around like a dervish since she got through the door.  She loved on me but started working immediately putting stuff away after she hauled it all in.  Feeding me, her, the hummingbirds too...  shampooing her hair which really needed it!

Finally, I got two new toys!  And there is some nommy new fuds too.  (I hope they are nommy!)

Mom is very sleepy as she slept poorly due to her back.  Her going to bed extra early and trust me...I will hold her down!

These are what I got:

THIS is what I want as well:

Come on mom...lets go to bed.

August 10, 2017

Flying Away

Mom said she is leaving for over the Mountains in the morning assuming the sitter does show up this evening for the key and instructions.  If not then Mom will stay here with me.

I texted the sitter to stay away!  Lets see if that worked.  Otherwise Mom gone from Friday early till Sunday afternoon.

If anyone wants company, tell me your tunnel coordinates.  I'll be over.  With Nip.


Katie Isabella